Web Development

Below is a selected list of personal web projects. To view the source code of personal projects, there is a link to GitHub repositories in each project description. For viewing source code of school projects, please contact me through my email at contact.ryan.saunders@gmail.com.

mDOT - Video Approving Web Application

Currently in Development|Implemented in AngularJS, Node.js, and MySQLView Website [ Currently private ]

I am currently developing a web application for approving videos of patients taking daily TB medication. The project will each an international audience and is in tangent with an Android app and personalized hardware being developed.

Health Related Habits - Visualized Using D3.js

2015|Implemented in D3.js and JavaScriptView Website

Created a D3.js interactive visualization using data sets from the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) annual questionnaire. The visualization required intelligent filtering techniques to effectively explore the correlation among data sets. A process book of design iterations is included in the site, as we had to carefully consider the user interface to be intuitive and enjoyable to use.

Please, be patient as the website loads: the initial loading of the data can take over a minute.

Retrospect:The complexity of the project and the data normalization needed made the code quite cluttered. I should have focused more on the organization, especially given the tight deadline.

Web Form Generator

2015|Implemented in PHP, jQuery, and MySQLView on GitHub

My intention was to generate forms and tables of form inputs with only needing to write intializing code. This required a tight coupling to the database structure, but I was able to rapidly produce some fairly sophisticated multi-stage forms with front-end and back-end validation. Due to an unexpected job opportunity, I had to cease working on this project before completion.

Retrospect:I should have written the generator in the MEAN stack, as it is more appropriate for the data structure requirement and multi-stage forms. Currently, I have converted the front-end to AngularJS and the back-end to Node.js.

Group Play Checkers

2015|Implemented in PHP, jQuery, and MySQLView on GitHub

This was a team project to create a web app checkers game that could be played against a friend, AI opponent, or with a global team. The project made use of Pixi.js for graphical rendering, and a centralized server for global team play.

Retrospect:The global team portion of the project required snycing with the backend every minute. This created significant timing challenges. Instead, we could have made use of WebSocket to have two way communication between client and server.

Teacher Assistant Application Form

2015|Implemented in PHP, jQuery, and MySQL

An iterative project completed over the course of several weeks, the Application website allowed Teaching Assistant (TA) candidates to submit his or her credentials to apply for a TA position. Applicants, Instructors, and Administrators viewed separate content based on their login priviledges. Applications were stored in a MySQL database, and applicable courses were scrubbed from the University of Utah's course catelog.

Retrospect:The requirements for the application form continued to change as the project advanced. This proved to slow my progress towards the end, and I had to frequently backtrack. I should have modulized more and followed agile development more closely.

Web Design

Below are listed some of the personal webpages I have designed over the years. Most of the sites are experimental and for my personal learning. Therefore, please recognize that some of these sites are incomplete.

Card Rogue

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Card Rogue is a Kickstarter boardgame I designed, developed, and created media for. Part of the media was a fully supportive website including an interactive rulebook. The website and rulebook had to work well on a mobile device as players are expected to use a tablet or phone to read the rules. The rulebook also needed to print correctly if the user chose to print the webpage.


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I originally designed The HUB to be template portfolio website for artists or designers. Since I have already created such a site for myself, I used it as a way to feature some of my favorite web sites. I tried to use simple, yet interesting, effects and aesthetics. It is a responsive website, and appears nicely on devices and on a monitor. This website is the best example of my current web-based coding style.

Best Chinking and Caulking

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A contracted project to design a site for a log home chinking business. This site was intended to be visually appealing while also providing an extensive amount of information.

Color of Artists

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Color of Artists was a part of a large art project that I presented in 2013 at the University of Utah. The design was intended to be professional, artistic, and simple to understand.

Our Solar System

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While attending the University of Utah, I was asked to develop a website that had visual narrative, and encouraged exploration. I had one day to complete the project. I designed a website that told the story of our solar system.

Service Auction

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I was asked by a local community to be the web designer for an online service auction. Though the project was never completed, the pages I designed were approved. I have uploaded the home page, but I have left off the other pages. The styling (CSS) was completely done by me, and the HTML was done by a separate developer.