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A website that uses boxy overlays to stack information beautifully. This layout promotes interactively and exploration. It's a fun, but professional design.

List of Web Design Blogs

This card contains the many different web design blogs that I follow. Not all of them make this list, only the ones that I think aren't trying to highlight their own work, but instead are really trying to improve the community.

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Patakk's Moving GIF Objects

Useful Web Design Tools

Some web designers are so nice to donate precious web design techniques/tools. This is the list of the ones I have used, or still am waiting to use, on my own websites. Share and enjoy.

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Clouds over Cuba

A visually appealing website that uses some smart web design to tell a horrifying fictional story about a possible future past.

List of Art Blogs

Are you an art freak? Good. I've got some blogs for you. This card contains all the blogs that I follow as a new media artist.

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The Style Junkies

A website focused on promoting beautiful hotels. But the real beauty is in the website itself. It has a unique and powerful image layout, and uses negative space as if it was just as important as the images themselves.

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Jerry Uelsmann

Jerry is an artist that was made famous from his Photoshop-like work, without the Photoshop.

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Income and Rent Averages

This website generates mapped information about income and rent in an area.

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Millions of Lines of Code

This website displays an info-graph showing us just how complex some systems can be.

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Combadi does a good job of answering a typical user interface nightmare: how to intuitively catergorize content on a webpage. The webpage highlights three different types of vacations, and uses color to quickly, and calmly, tell users which vacation falls into which category. Brilliantly simple.

List of Design Websites

Don't get it confused with the Web Design Blogs card. This is specifically websites that are devoted to design as art. It's more than just blogs though, because the best thing about design is how fast it can be spat out by hundreds of contributors.

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Skybox has designed their website to look like a printed magazine article. It's brilliantly deceptive since it first appears as if it is just a .pdf, then as you mouse over the pats of the site, the images, text, and other elements, start magically forming into a fully immersize website.

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Etch Apps

Etch is a beautiful site. Subtle reds appear out of the dark-grey backdrop. But watch what happens when you resize the page, and you'll see the real reason Etch has a card.

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Nothing is creepier than this new artform.

But nothing is quite as mesmerizing either.

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Hyper Geography

This website constantly evolves its canvas as it becomes an incredible work of collage.

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Things every practicing software engineer should aim to know

This is a checklist of Software Engineering concepts that every programmer should know to survive in the big-bad world. The list is updated regularly with industry standard expections.

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Gregory Crewdson

A master photographer. He creates cinematic scenes by intelligent use of controlled lights, colors, and subjects.

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Web design that breaks out of the block pattern of normal web design by using hexagons instead of squares for the basic layout. The colors are also fun and bold.