Web Design

Below are listed some of the personal webpages I have designed over the years. Most of the sites are experimental and for my personal learning. Therefore, please recognize that some of these sites are incomplete.

Card Rogue

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Card Rogue is a Kickstarter boardgame I designed, developed, and created media for. Part of the media was a fully supportive website including an interactive rulebook. The website and rulebook had to work well on a mobile device as players are expected to use a tablet or phone to read the rules. The rulebook also needed to print correctly if the user chose to print the webpage.

Color of Artists

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Color of Artists was a part of a large art project that I presented in 2013 at the University of Utah. The design was intended to be professional, artistic, and simple to understand.

Our Solar System

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While attending the University of Utah, I was asked to develop a website that had visual narrative, and encouraged exploration. I had one day to complete the project. I designed a website that told the story of our solar system.


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I originally designed The HUB to be template portfolio website for artists or designers. Since I have already created such a site for myself, I used it as a way to feature some of my favorite web sites. I tried to use simple, yet interesting, effects and aesthetics. It is a responsive website, and appears nicely on devices and on a monitor. This website is the best example of my current web-based coding style.