Previous Projects

Below is a selected list of previous personal projects. To view the source code of the projects, there is a link to GitHub repositories in each project description.

Microfront Reference

2018|Implemented in React, Web Components (lit-element/lit-html), and VanillaJSView Repo

A proof of concept for binding several different modern Javascript frameworks using Redux and Web Components as an API layer.

mDOT - Video Approving Web Application

2017|Implemented in AngularJS, Node.js, and MySQL[ Private Code ]

I developed a web application for approving videos of patients taking daily TB medication. The project integrates with an Android app and custom pill dispensing hardware.

Shardnova - An experimental SMS messaging MMORPG

2018|Implemented in Python3 an DockerView Repo

A prototype platform of a game that is played merely via SMS messages relayed between a server and the player; much like an old school text adventure game.

Card Rogue - A Tabletop Roguelike

2017|Designed, Manufactored, and Shipped BoardgameView Kickstarter Campaign

I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for a boardgame that sold over 1500 copies.

Card & Board Games for a Buck.

2016|PDF Rules for BoardgameView Kickstarter Campaign

I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for PDF rules to three games designed for play with the standard 52-card deck.

P2P Offloading on Mobile Network

2016|Written in PythonView Paper

I worked with the University of Utah's Flux Research group to improve latency of P2P services over the mobile network. We worked on an emulated 4G/LTE network with a physical eNodeB (celltower). Traffic flow was regulated using OpenFlow. Testing on separate smart phones, we were able to significantly improve the latency between them. A draft paper that was prepared for a mobile research conference can be found in the link above.

Health Related Habits - Visualized Using D3.js

2015|Implemented in D3.js and JavaScriptView Website

Created a D3.js interactive visualization using data sets from the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) annual questionnaire. The visualization required intelligent filtering techniques to effectively explore the correlation among data sets. A process book of design iterations is included in the site, as we had to carefully consider the user interface to be intuitive and enjoyable to use.

Please, be patient as the website loads: the initial loading of the data can take over a minute.

Retrospect:The complexity of the project and the data normalization needed made the code quite cluttered. I should have focused more on the organization, especially given the tight deadline.

Cosmonautics - A Multiplayer 2D Space Shooter

2014|Written in C#View on GitHub

I decided to develop this game for two main purposes: I wanted to learn how to deal with graphics outside of GUIs, and I wanted to determine how to test a network connection with an intense and consistent data transfer rate. Cosmonautics uses the OpenGL API for graphics processing. The graphical elements were drawn in Adobe Illustrator and were manipulated in-game under simulated physics. This included a custom collision detection algorithm and particle simulation. The networking involves a TCP connection to a server, which communicates between all clients. Currently, I was attempting to convert to a hybrid TCP/UDP connection for a more fluid gameplay before I moved onto other projects.